hot water tanks


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     All prices are FOB Factory, Los Angeles, CA. We have delivery trucks with hoists that cover most of the Pacific Time Zone, and can deliver and unload your tanks at competitive rates. If the destination address is within our delivery area, we will assume that you want us to deliver your tanks if possible.

     If this is not acceptable, we must know at time of order, as loads are planned weeks in advance. Please note that we highly recommend delivery on our trucks, especially if the tank is glass or cement lined, or is insulated. Common Carriers normally use enclosed vans or trailers, which make it almost impossible to load and unload tanks without damage, especially larger sizes. Many insist that the tank must be crated at extra cost. Furthermore, discount rates are rarely honored.

     We can also consolidate to the rest of the USA using experienced Contact Carriers. Please inquire at time of order. We do not deliver off pavement or travel grades over 10%.


Vessel supports meet seismic requirements for installations on grade only. If a tank is to be installed in a Seismic Zone 4, we have to know the installation address to be able to confirm this. There is an extra charge if a P.E. sign-off is requested.


Invoices are mailed within 3-4 days of vessel shipment, together with Bill of Lading and Code documentation when requested.


Copies of the following submittal specification sheets are available on request, or at
ST 0591 Hanson ASME Water Storage Tanks
EL 0291 Epoxy Lining
GL 0291 Glass Lining
CL 0291 Cement (Ceramic) Lining
FI 1190 Polyurethane Insulation
JI 1093 Jacketed Insulation
ZP 1002 Inorganic Zinc Primer


Our terms of business include two conditions in our order entry procedure:

1.     Submittal of drawings for approval. Upon receipt of a purchase order, a new drawing is produced for each new custom tank that reflects our interpretation of your requirements, current ASME code procedures, industry standard practices, and available raw material.
Unless specifically waived by our customer, no job is started without drawing approval. Once approved, this drawing supersedes all other plans and specifications.

2.     Acknowledgement of an order. When an order is released for production, an acknowledgement is mailed to our customers' billing address with a copy of the final vessel drawing.
It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that every item in the acknowledgement meets their requirements, and to advise us immediately if any changes are needed.
Hanson Tank will not be responsible for any errors and/or omissions notified more than seven (7) days after the acknowledgement is mailed. Jobs put on hold during production incur a $525 net surcharge.

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