We manufacture stainless steel pressure vessels from 12″ to 144″ in diameter in 304 or 316 grade material. Design working pressures range from 50 psig to 500 psig. For fastest delivery, we have a large inventory of stock material and manufacture most of our own tank heads. Vessels can be all stainless steel, or have some carbon steel items such as manways and supports to keep the cost down. Tanks are available with mill finish or can be bead blasted or polished for a better appearance. Machined or fabricated parts such as a quick opening closure can be incorporated in the design as necessary. Although many of the stainless steel vessels we manufacture are air receivers or water tanks, most are for special industrial applications, especially if extreme operating temperatures are required.


300 (304, 316 etc) series stainless steel is prone to cracking in certain circumstances. Even very low concentrations of chlorides in water quickly creates cracks in stressed areas of a pressure vessel, especially when the temperature is over 120°F.
Bead blasting or shot peening and passivation of the wetted surface can delay or prevent this process. Products containing chlorides must not be used for disinfection or cleanout as any contact can lead to stress cracking later. Some sprayed on insulation products can cause a similar problem from the outside.
Cracking of stainless steel water tanks, however caused, is not covered by warranty.