Specification #TC 0914

  • Hanson Tank’s external topcoat is a spray applied high build single-component water based acrylic terpolymer.
  • It has a smooth high gloss finish with excellent weathering properties and chemical resistance.
  • It is available in a variety of colors and is applied over primer, with inorganic zinc optional.
  • It can be touched up with waterborne acrylic.
Colors:Wide range, inlcuding ANSI standards
Finish:Smooth, glossy, hydrophobic
Film Thickness:2 to 5 mls
Heat resistance:235ºF (dry)
Solids:40% ± 3% by volume
Application:Sprayed over primer
Surface:Sandblast to SSPC-SPS
Shipped with:Polytheme wrap and shipping skid
  • Note: Technical data above was furnished by the coating manufacturer.