Specification #ZP 1002

  • Hanson Tank’s standard Zinc-Rich primer is an effective corrosion resistant coating for external surfaces of carbon steel vessels of all types. It is highly recommended as an upgrade to standard Shop Primer in humid or wet environments for long term protection against external corrosion. The high zinc content adds cathodic corrosion protection.
  • It can be finished with a specialized topcoat or covered by insulation in service.

Color:Matte Greenish-Grey
Surface Preparation:SSPC-SP6. (Commercial Blast)
Thickness (Dry):2.5 – 3.5 mil
Metallic Zinc Dust Content:79% by weight in dry film
Temperature resistance (Dry):Above 450ºF / 232ºC
  • Note: The above data was extracted from information supplied by the coating manufacturer
    and is subject to change without notice.