Specification #JI 0605
(Semi-rigid Fiberglass with Aluminum Jacket)

  • The insulation medium is purpose – manufactured semi-rigid premium quality fiberglass wrap with Kraft paper lining and flexible foil vapor barrier. The fiberglass filaments are laminated parallel to the facings for enhanced flexibility and maximum coverage.
Installed Density:3 lbs./ ft³
R. Value:4.17 per inch
Thermal Conductivity:K=0.24 Btu-in/hr- ft²-ºF @ 75ºF mean
Standard Thickness:2 inches (R-8.3 value)
Optional Thickness:3 inches (R-12.5 value) (ASHRAE 90.1 minimum)
Max Thickness:4 inches (R-16.6 value)

  • After installation, the insulation is clad with an aluminum jacket to ASTM B-209 with a laminated 1 mil polyethylene moisture barrier on the tank side. Standard exterior jacket finish is embossed “stucco” pattern to minimize glare and resist minor damage. All tank connections are recessed and the ASME nameplate exposed. All seams are caulked with aluminum pigmented silicone for weather protection.
Jacket Thickness:.020 Aluminum (available up to .040″ thick at extra cost)
Temper:H14 to H19
Finish:Natural Aluminum
  • (Alternate jacket materials such as stainless steel or enamel coated mild steel are also available – please call for details)
  • IMPORTANT: Minor shipping damage is more noticeable on jacketed tanks due to the uniform finish and the nature of the jacket. Extra lugs are installed on jacketed vessels for securing the tanks during shipment and they are normally palletized and shipped on a flat bed. Even so, minor cosmetic damage can occur and must be considered normal.