Special HLW Tank Pricing
for the United States and Canadian Markets

To Our Valued Partners

  • As a well-respected pressure vessel manufacturer, we’re excited to share our line of hot water storage tanks.
  • These tanks are crafted to meet the diverse needs of our customers, built to the ASME Section IV code.
  • For this expo, we are offering to our new customers who sell in the US and Canadian markets.
  • The offer includes the following glass lined models that we currently have in stock, all with CRN.
  • Feel free to check out the additional pages that show our cut sheets for these stock vessels.
  • If these don’t quite fit your requirements, we’re more than happy to help design a custom tank that suits your needs.
  • Our lead times typically range from 6 to 8 weeks from drawing approval.
Drawing / ModelDelivered Cost:R16 Foam Adder:GallsSizeW/LegsW.P.#WT#
$1,120.0023530" x 84"88"160525#
$1,344.0023530" x 84"88"160523#
$1,344.0033536" x 84"90"160677#
$1,344.0033536" x 84"89"160677#
$1,568.0040036" x 97"103"160770#
$1,904.0053442" x 96"101"1601030#