Hanson Miscellaneous Storage Tanks Custom Design

Horizontal Custom Miscellaneous Tanks
Sizes: 100-10000 gallon

  • Horizontal cylindrical pressure vessels, vacuum tanks and rectangular atmospheric storage containers.
  • Several designs for various projects from carbon and 316 stainless steel material.
  • Vessels are manufactured according to Asme Section Viii, Division 1 Boiler Code.

Vertical Custom Miscellaneous Tanks
Sizes: 80-2400 gallon

  • Vertical cylindrical pressure vessels, with ring base and angle leg support. Larger than 2400 gallon sizes are available up to ten feet (120″) diameter.
  • Custom design library for mechanical engineers, construction project managers, estimators, facilities management, purchasing agent.
  • As well as ASME, Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg. can manufacture pressure vessels that meet other domestic and international codes such as: ABS, CRN, USCG.


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