Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg. ASME Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

hanson pressure tanks

Buy your tanks direct from a major U.S.A. manufacturer.All our tanks are built, tested and stamped to ASME code.We ship a thousand tanks a month.We buy our steel direct from the mill.We offer full ASME technical support.Pressure vessels are our specialty. Please enquire if you have special needs.

Welcome to Hanson Tank’s internet store, where you can buy the exact Pressure Vessel you need. We have hundreds of air, water, propane tanks, oil pots in stock for immediate shipment, or we can make a custom tank to your exact needs surprisingly quickly.

We are not a broker, agent or wholesaler. We actually manufacture from scratch every tank we sell from steel plate in our own shops. Every tank is individually tested at more than its design pressure to ensure 100% reliability in service. We do our own epoxy, glass, cement linings, coatings, aluminum, steel jacket and R-16 insulation.

The list of Hanson Tank customers includes many major corporations, who demand the highest engineering standards. They include Boeing, Chevron, Coors, Disney, Dow Chemical, Ford, Fluor, GE, GM, GTE, Hewlett-Packard, Hughes, Hyundai, Ingersoll-Rand, Lucasfilm, Mobil, NASA, Nike, Shell, Technicolor, Universal Studios, Unocal, Warner Bros. to name a few.

Our tanks can be found literally all over the world. In every State of the Union and as far afield as the Far East, (China, Japan, Korea, Borneo) to Europe, (Germany, England, France), South and Central America, (Brazil, Chile, Panama, Mexico) and on ships at sea.


Thank you for your interest in Hanson Tank Products