Durable Hydropneumatic Pressure Tanks


Hydropneumatic Tanks Typical
Sizes: 250-15000 gallon

  • Any vessel that contains both water and air under pressure can be called a hydropneumatic tank.
  • The two most common applications are in well water systems, or as buffer, surge tanks to absorb water hammer shocks in large capacity pumping systems.
  • In both cases, the captive compressed air acts as a cushion which can exert or absorb pressure as required.

MB-277-B Air-Water Tank
Size: 3000 gallon

  • Large hydropneumatic tanks are usually horizontal and 2000 gallons or more..
  • Hydropneumatic pressure tanks regulate system pressures to provide efficient water supply.
  • There are different applications linked with hydropneumatic storage tanks: booster pump application, irrigation, sprinkler, and more.

WO-804-B Air-Water Custom Tank
Size: 11102 Gallon

  • Hanson Tank has manufactured hydropneumatic tanks ( HT ) up to 30,000 gallon capacity.
  • The size is determined by the needs of the system, and is approximately the drawdown gallons times four.
  • These vessels are usually lined to prevent corrosion and generally have a design working pressure of 125# ASME.

WP-066-B 150 Psig Water-Air Tank
Size: 5000 gallon

  • A small air compressor can be included to replenish the air volume periodically as it is absorbed into the water.
  • Sensors monitor the water level and pressure and automatically control compressor operation as required.
  • Hanson Tank can manufacture the basic tank or supply all the components for a complete system ready to install.

Bladder-Type Tanks
Sizes: 264-1056 gallon

  • Tanks that include an internal bladder are usually smaller, and sometimes called captive air or bag tanks. There are styles that are designed to replace the expansion tank in a domestic hot water system. All bladder tanks are usually a standard vertical design.

Custom Bladder-Type Tanks
Sizes: 264-3000 gallon

  • On larger versions, the bladder is often replaceable through a flange, which can be either on the top or bottom of the tank depending on the application.
  • Vertical hydropneumatic tanks can also have a diaphragm which can be fixed or floating. This virtually eliminates the absorption of the air into the water over time and makes the compressor unnecessary. These are built to order only.


Specs Gallons Litres Size Psi Bar Drawing Contents Steel Type Lining
water tank WL-956-B2000757060" x 177"1258.62Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank WN-011-B2500946366" x 182"1258.62Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank MB-277-B30001135566" x 220"17512.06Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank WL-040-C30001135566" x 226"30020.67Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank WM-485-B35001324872" x 215"1258.62Air / WaterCarbonEpoxy
water tank WP-066-B50001892572" x 300"15010.34Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank WN-812-B669725348120" x 160"15010.34Water / AirCarbonEpoxy
water tank WO-804-B111024203296" x 377"956.55Water / AirCarbonUnpainted

Finding the Right System is a Process

  • Hanson Tank works with customers to determine the best way to reconfigure a system to meet needs.
  • We aren’t just regular hydropneumatic tank manufacturers; we are your partners in finding the safest and most cost-efficient water systems.
  • Finding a fluid control solution begins with understanding the problem.
  • We’ve had clients who are unaware of the problems associated with their fluid transport systems.
  • We point out potential areas for improvement before determining which control system suits your business the most: bladder or air-over-water.
  • We can also help you select the materials for your model based on regulatory and code requirements. Our team does all of these to ensure optimum performance and safety.