ASME Custom Buffer Tanks


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Horizontal Chilled Water Buffer Tank Sizes

  • Increase your water systems’ volume with a horizontal chilled water buffer tank from Hanson Tank.
  • Without a buffer tank, rapid fluctuation of water temperature causes frequent stops and starts (“short cycling”) of the equipment.
  • Horizonta Hanson CBT tank sizes can range from 235 to 4000 gallon.
  • The buffer tanks can be insulated with R-16 foam at additional cost.
  • Check out our selection of available sizes and models today.

Material Pricing Subject To Change Based On Market Volatility
Resulting From Implementation Of Section 232 Tariffs And Availability

ASME Standard Buffer Tanks

  • Factory insulation is also offered at reasonable cost.
  • Hanson Tank Buffer Tank Sizes: Add 4″ for supports. (Please enquire for other sizes and connections)
  • The ¾” top connection is for an air vent valve, for example a Honeywell Braukmann #EA79A1004.
  • All sizes of Chilled Water Buffer Tanks are built to order in 4 weeks.

Custom Vertical Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

  • These tanks increase the capacity of a closed loop chilled water system and stabilize the return water temperature.
  • This results in fewer cycles of the compressor and better temperature control overall.
  • Chiller manufacturers recommend between three and ten gallons of total capacity in the system per nominal ton, depending on the accuracy of temperature control required.

Hot Water Buffer Tanks

  • A hot water buffer or volume tank improves system efficiency by adding extra thermal mass to the boiler water loop that circulates through a heat exchanger bundle.
  • They are necessary with today’s smaller, high efficiency low mass boilers and also function as an air eliminator.
  • As temperature stratification is not a major concern, they are usually built without internal baffles.