ASME Custom Buffer Tanks


View Specs and Drawings of CBT Built to Customers’ Design

Horizontal Chilled Water Buffer Tank Sizes

  • Increase your water systems’ volume with a horizontal chilled water buffer tank from Hanson Tank.
  • Without a buffer tank, rapid fluctuation of water temperature causes frequent stops and starts (“short cycling”) of the equipment.
  • Horizonta Hanson CBT tank sizes can range from 235 to 4000 gallon.
  • The buffer tanks can be insulated with R-16 foam at additional cost.
  • Check out our selection of available sizes and models today.
  • Material Pricing Subject To Change Based On Market Volatility
    Resulting From Implementation Of Section 232 Tariffs And Availability

23530" x 84"125446
25030" x 89"50621
30030" x 106"125627
30036" x 76"150654
30036" x 76"125702
40042" x 75"65889
40048" x 60"1251062
50036" x 119"125895
60036" x 146"1251018
70048" x 99"1001298
108048" x 148"1252138
150064" x 121"1252636
209272" x 133"1253933
400078" x 209"1006499

ASME Standard Buffer Tanks

  • Factory insulation is also offered at reasonable cost.
  • Hanson Tank Buffer Tank Sizes: Add 4″ for supports. (Please enquire for other sizes and connections)
  • The ¾” top connection is for an air vent valve, for example a Honeywell Braukmann #EA79A1004.
  • All sizes of Chilled Water Buffer Tanks are built to order in 4 weeks.

Custom Vertical Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

  • These tanks increase the capacity of a closed loop chilled water system and stabilize the return water temperature.
  • This results in fewer cycles of the compressor and better temperature control overall.
  • Chiller manufacturers recommend between three and ten gallons of total capacity in the system per nominal ton, depending on the accuracy of temperature control required.

Hot Water Buffer Tanks

  • A hot water buffer or volume tank improves system efficiency by adding extra thermal mass to the boiler water loop that circulates through a heat exchanger bundle.
  • They are necessary with today’s smaller, high efficiency low mass boilers and also function as an air eliminator.
  • As temperature stratification is not a major concern, they are usually built without internal baffles.