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Find Water Buffer Tanks for More Efficient Systems

Hanson Tank is a trusted manufacturer of buffer vessels, which are available for domestic chilled water, hot water, and thermal storage applications. Our buffer vessels offer additional capacity to prevent rapid chiller cycling or when peak demands exceed the hot water generator’s capability.


Part#: B-240-30

  • Generally, a Buffer or Volume tank is one that is installed to add extra capacity to any system that contains fluid.
  • Hanson tank manufactures buffer tanks for both hot and chilled water systems.
  • Their purpose is to increase the volume of water in the system to achieve optimum efficiency.

Part#: B-350-36

  • It is usually insulated to reduce unwanted heat transfer. Hanson Buffer tanks are normally vertical and as they are for indirect closed loop systems, are usually unlined.
  • Without a buffer tank, rapid fluctuation of water temperature causes frequent stops and starts (“short cycling”) of the equipment.

Part#: B-450-42

  • A correctly sized and located thermal buffer tank significantly improves the performance and longevity of the entire system it is installed in.
  • Hanson can manufacture any style of cylindrical buffer tanks in carbon or stainless steel.

Part#: B-610-48

  • Buffer tanks 42″ OD and above have a 12″ x 16″ manway.
  • If you have a special requirement, please send us a description or sketch for a prompt quotation.

Material Pricing Subject To Change Based On Market Volatility
Resulting From Implementation Of Section 232 Tariffs And Availability

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

  • Chilled water buffer tanks (CBT) increase the water volume capacity of systems (which depends on the chiller’s capacity). Systems with a low water capacity volume require buffer tanks to address poor temperature control, excessive chiller cycling, and irregular system operations.
  • Introducing CBTs to the existing system stabilizes the return water’s temperature, resulting in better temperature control and fewer compressor cycles. We recommend carrying up to ten gallons of water in the system. The correct amount depends on the required accuracy of temperature control, however, which will be calculated after factoring other data. For typical air conditioning needs, we recommend carrying up to five tons of water.

Hot Water Buffer Tanks

  • Our hot water buffer tanks (HBT) are ideal for closed-loop heating systems. They add thermal mass to the boiler water loop, which improves system efficiency. Moreover, HBTs reduce short-cycling losses, saving energy and preventing system damage.
  • Hot water buffer tanks use stored boiled water as a buffer for the system load when the boiler produces more water than what the building can handle. Most HBTs are piped so the building water flow remains separate from the boiler flow, encouraging independent circulation.
  • An immersion temperature control sits in the middle of the tank to ensure accurate temperature sensing for geothermal and heating applications.