Hanson ASME Air Receivers


Air Receivers 30-500 Gallon

  • Virtually every industrial building in the USA has an air receiver installed somewhere in it. The usual function of an air system is to transmit energy generated at a single source to different areas of a facility. The air receiver stores and delivers air pressure when the compressor is not running, and also serves as a pulsation damper and moisture trap.

Air Receivers 660-15000 gallon

  • Air receivers that are installed separately from the compressor, are called “Remote” units. These are usually bigger in size, and part of a system that can include a dryer and other equipment. To save floor space, they are usually vertical. They can range in size from 30 gallons to 15,000 gallons and larger. However, 240 gallons thru 2000 gallons sizes are more typical.

Air Receivers with Angle Legs

  • Hanson Tank manufactures a comprehensive range of industrial air receivers in all sizes and in working pressures up to 3000#, and carry large stocks of both pump mounts and remotes up to 1500 gallons. Standard specifications can be upgraded at extra cost.

Horizontal Air Receivers 200-5000 gallon

  • Because of its compressibility, air can store large amounts of energy which can be dangerous if released suddenly, for example if a vessel ruptures. The rules for the design and construction of air receivers are therefore very stringent, and Hanson air receivers are built and tested strictly to the ASME pressure vessel code.

Pump Mount Air Recievers

  • Most smaller air receivers are made with a platform on top for the compressor and motor to mount on. These are known as ; “Pump Mounts”, and are built to withstand the vibrations of the pump and motor. Some are made for two compressors, with supports that extend to the ground. These are known as “Duplex” units.

Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Hanson stainless steel tanks offer resistance to corrosion much better than carbon steel, which is prone to rust. Moisture and most other contaminants do not affect the metal, especially when it is passivated after manufacture. Although the mill finish is acceptable to many, bead or other media blasting gives a smooth and uniform appearance to the finished product, requiring no paint.


Horizontal Custom Air Receivers

  • Vacuum receivers act in a similar way like air receivers, except that the system imparts suction at the point of use. Bottling, canning and thermoforming plants are examples of facilities where vacuum tanks can be found. Although not required by Code, all Hanson vacuum receivers are built to ASME standards for 15# external pressure and tested at 100# minimum internally.This meets most industrial requirements, but higher standards may require special construction and testing at substantial extra cost.

Vertical Custom Air Receivers

  • Special exterior and interior paint systems are available at extra cost. 42″ diameter and above, plus all lined tanks have a 12″ x 16″ manway. Galvanized tanks thru 36″ diameter have a 4″ x 6″ handhole. Unlined tanks less than 42″ dia have (2) 2″ plugged inspection openings.