Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg. Air Storage Tanks from 400 to 25000 Gallon
Sizes for Your Next Project

Hanson ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1 standard and custom air receivers are built from carbon or stainless steel material, horizontal, vertical orientation with different pressure ratings and supports. Carbon steel tanks are finished in shop primer, stainless steel tanks are finished in bead blast.

The tanks can be fabricated from 36 to 120 inches diameter with various overall length. Many tank sizes are in stock up to 1500 gallon, the largest standard sizes are 120 inches diameter and up to 15000 gallon. Custom, built to order air receiver tanks volume can be up to 25000 gallon, with many sizes between. Besides air, natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, methan, propane, butane, CO2 and other gases can be stored in these vessels.

Hanson Tanks are built to last with very meticulous procedures. Shipping is from Los Angeles, California to Canada, US, Mexico, Latin America and many other countries. Check out some of the finished jobs and call us for a quote.